Our History

On 2003 Sloneczko Society was established by Marzena Kostrzewa-Stafiej.

  • Public Charity Recognized by The State of New York

    At the present time
    At the present time, the club has fully regulated status in the State of New York and is recognized by the IRS as 501 (c) (3) public charity.

  • Development & Decision

    The “Sloneczko“club has separated from Polish-American Cultural Association in Rockland because its development and further activity was blocked by the Board’s decisions.

  • Involvement and Donations

    School’s Curriculum
    The following people work with kids and on the school’s curriculum: Marzena Kostrzewa-Stafiej, Wojtek Łuczak, Adam Stafiej, Anna and Darek Nowak , Anna and Tomek Babiarz, Agnieszka and Piotrek Babiarz, Dorota Dworakowska, Ewelina Peszt, Beata i Paweł Chrobak, Halina Czyż, Janina and Michał Lipczuk, Maria Sałęga, Barbara and Marcin Stankiewicz, Ewa and Adam Tomaszewski, Pola, Zofia and Aleksander Rębisz, Marek Książek, Monika and Ricardo Fijor, Hanna Salwin, Konrad Lata, Magda and Krzysztof Milewscy and Wojciech Kłoskowski. Only thanks to their hard work, involvement and donations our “Sloneczko” club can exist.

  • School Classes

    school calendar
    Classes with kids are conducted based on the school calendar. Each time at the end of the school year staff, kids and their families gather together to share the experiences and accomplishments of the past year and set up goals for the future.

  • William Reynolds

    October 11th, 2008
    A very special event for the Polish community. On that day Polish consul in NY Wojciech Lukasiewicz decorated our rector William Reynolds with a cross ( Krzyż Kawalerski Orderu Zasługi Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej), which is one of the highest medals awarded by the Polish president Lech Kaczynski. The petition to grant such a special honor for Father Bill was submitted by the “Sloneczko” club. Then our children performed and handed Father Bill gifts they themselves prepared. Following that, refreshments were served. Snacks and drinks were donated by: Alina Andruszkiewicz, Maria Sałęga, Jimmi Sikorski, Rockland Bakery, Adam Stafiej, Anna Kaczor, Fijor Family, Stankiewicz Family, Rebisz Family, Nowak Family, Strzałka Family, Joe and Kay Quinlivan, Tomaszewski Family.

  • Campaigns Events

    Children were also involved with the following events: Campaigns to help sick children in Poland under the patronage of the “WOSP” (January 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008), “Gift of a heart” (December 2005, 2006), Pulaski’s Parade (October, 2005). They were supervised by Marzena Kostrzewa-Stafiej, Anna Nowak, and Adam Stafiej.

  • Polish Radio

    June 2008
    In June 2008 children were invited to Polish Radio -910AM, and played a part in one hour circular broadcast hosted by Wojtek Luczak.

  • Arts and Crafts

    Polish –Slovak Credit Union in New York (children’s institute)
    Furthermore, kids participated in several arts and crafts contests that were organized by the children’s institute and under the patronage of the Polish –Slovak Credit Union in New York. The artistic workshop was directed and supervised by Anna Nowak.

  • National Costumes

    On June 5 th, 2005

    Wearing the national costumes, children attended the picnic celebrating rector’s William Reynolds 50th anniversary of the priesthood . /p>

  • Easter Activities

    Easter Season 2005
    During the Easter season children participated in “collecting eggs”, well known Polish tradition. On Holy Saturday they played a part in a “food blessing” ceremony (another highly recognized Polish ritual). Throughout the above listed events children were able to get familiar with Polish traditions and customs.

  • Grandfather & Grandmother's Day

    From 2005 To 2007

    Children learned about typical Polish holidays such us: Mother’s Day, Grandfather’s Day, Grandmother’s Day. For these occasions they prepared special art programs during which they were singing and reciting poems. They partook in solemn masses for the intention of John Paul the Second (on May 20th, 2005, March 31th, 2006 and April 2nd, 2007)

  • Toys and Christmas Gifts

    2007 - The University Children's Hospital of Cracow of Poland

    Besides weekly classes children has been actively participating in our community’s life. They took part in several charitable events to help disabled peers. They collected toys, prepared small Christmas gifts that were sent to sick children being treated in the University Children’s Hospital of Cracow of Poland

  • Kids Activities

    From 2005 To 2007

    In October 2005 Mrs. Stafiej began various activities with a group of kids’ ages between 3 and 12. During these classes children were learning Polish language, tradition, art and playing. It is important to underline that work with children constitute 65% of PACS activity. Until May of 2007 the gatherings were taking place on every Friday throughout a school year in Mrs. Stafiej home. As of October of 2007 the classes has been conducted in the Saint Anthony’s Parish in Nanuet.

  • Picnic at Polish Radio Station

    June 25th, 200
    Marzena Kostrzewa-Stafiej and Wojtek Luczak hosted “a picnic “in Polish radio station located in Pomona Marzena Kostrzewa-Stafiej and Wojtek Luczak hosted “a picnic “in Polish radio station located in Pomona. The event was organized to celebrate International Children’s Day, which is well known Polish holiday. Games, sport competitions, variety of contests and interviews went on for four hours. Also, Mrs. Stafiej and Mr. Luczak donated books for kids, Mr. Stafiej prepared sweet feast and Mrs. Doda sponsored gifts for the contest’s winners.

  • Christmas Parties

    From 2003 to 2009
    Along with her husband Adam and friend Wojtek Luczak she arranged several Christmas parties with Santa Claus as an honorable guest. These get-togethers took place as follows: (on December 14th, 2003, on December 19, 2004, on December 18th, 2005 in the Saint Anthony’s church in Nanuet, on December 22, 2006 in the Stafiej’s residence, on January 5th 2008 and on January 17th, 2009 in Saint Anthony’s school cafeteria). The above listed events have been already organized under the patronage of the PACS. Preparation for the artistic program for each occasion took at least three weeks. All of this was possible thank to the donations made by the following families and businesses: Stafiej, Rębisz, Stankiewicz, Fijor, Wołosz (Stokrotka Deli), Wojtek Łuczak; Jadwiga Kazior (JKM Europa Deli); Wojciech Kłoskowski and Maria Janczura

  • Sloneczko Society Established

    Year of 2003
    The “Sloneczko” club was established by Marzena Kostrzewa-Stafiej. She has been a resident of Nanuet, County of Rockland for 12 years now. As soon as she realized that that the area is occupied by a large Polish community, but there are no organizations that could bring them together, she decided to act. Being a certified psychologist and a teacher she focused on children. Ultimately, four years ago she managed to create Polish club called “Sloneczko” where the kids could learn about Polish heritage and play